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Wobbling through life... as you do.

Get pissed, have a laugh, sod the clique.

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Note to people adding me: No offence is intended if I don't add you back, I tend to keep my friends list confined to people I know in real life so I don't have to scroll through tons of stuff.

I was born, I walk about a bit, and when the electrical activity in my brain ceases, I'm going to die. I'm cantankerous, annoying, paranoid and cynical. I am also vaguely creative sometimes, and spend my life trying to enjoy the beauty and sillyness of it all, because that's all you can do before you just start screaming.

I enjoy deleting nasty posts, inventing disgusting new things to drink, bursts of creativity, hanging out in bars, mood swings, drinking, trolling internet trolls, decent music, wierd movies, computers, imagining life after the Revolution, getting on stuck-up, pretentious people's nerves, smoking, and generally giving crapness the finger.

I would like to stop smoking someday, but not yet. I am afraid of being eaten, social predators, being completely alone, psychiatrists, rejection, death, large crowds, loud noises in the flat above, and all the usual stuff people are afraid of.

I recently managed to self-publish a book I wrote a few years back thanks to fabby new media dudes lulu.com. And they didn't pay me to say that. Here it is:

Miles Crowley is dead, blown away in a game of wirehead poker with Sue Blisterpack and Johnny Yen. But the Resurrection Department still need him to entrap Sue, who’s been keeping his mind in Grade Nine pain for months. So they drag his ass out of re-gen and the fun really begins… Chaos 1.0 is razor-edge industrial sci-fi. Crazed clones, big weapons, enigmatic Aliens and hard core psycho-industrial prose combine to bring you a brain-blasted frenzy of futuristic mayhem.

Hardcover book (£12.99)


Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Paperback book: (£6.98)


Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Storefront page:

Free download:

And now, just be complete my absorbtion into the world of the LJ spod, the obligatory quotes:

"I like crushing bastards."
-Julian Assange

"Someday, he thought, it'll be mandatory that we all sell the McDonald's hamburger as well as buy it; we'll sell it back and forth to each other forever from our living rooms. That way we won't even have to go outside."
- Philip K Dick predicts workfare and Ebay at the same time

"If we haven't got a planet left, we can't blow the fucker up, can we?"
-Malcom Tucker

"One of the rudest questions you might hear from an American is "What do you do for a living?" The only proper response is "Excuse me?" followed by a self-satisfied smirk and a stony silence. Then they assume that you are independently wealthy and grovel shamefully."
-Dmitri Orlov

"People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouth."
- Raoul Vaneigem

Fernando Aguirre: (Hefting typewriter) "-Writing machine. Sword of the mind."
-John Steinbeck, Viva Zapata

"That's just the way the system works. Like them Aztec priests - tearing people's hearts out to make sure the sun came up in the morning; men of power have always treated people like cattle."

"Games without frontiers, war without tears."
-Peter Gabriel

"The fourth world war was fought in the country of the soul."
-Micheal Moorcock

"Do you suffer from long-term memory loss?"

The trouble with Andre is he thinks he hides everything.
-Siobhan Fahey.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Yet the highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is still to turn secret agents into revolutionaries, and revolutionaries into secret agents.
-Guy Debord

Paranoids are just people with all the facts.
-Spider Jerusalem

But not much among these long dark evening shadows here was truly rational, at least in the strict sense. The enigmatic act could have been done by anyone for almost any reason. By any person he knew or had ever encountered. Any one of eight dozen weird heads, assorted freaks, burned-out dopers, psychotic paranoids with hallucinatory grudges acted out in reality, not fantasy. Somebody, in fact, he'd never met, who'd picked him at random from the phonebook.
Philip K Dick (A Scanner Darkly)

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
Denis Diderot

Wait long near the river and the bodies of your enemies will float past...
Chinese proverb

Get rid of the poor!
Get rid of the poor!
Give them...
-Simon Munnery

Didn't anyone ever tell you, meathead?
You shouldn't start wars if you can't take the consequences!
Judge Dredd

Only a downstat, personality problem:
He would say things like I love you and
Cry real tears.
-Gary Numan

Con men don't change, they break, shatter -- explosions
of matter in cold interstellar space, drift away in cosmic
dust, leave the empty body behind. Hustlers of the
world, there is one Mark you cannot beat: The Mark
-William Burroughs

He could understand now how she had become what she had become.
Betrayal was an everyday event; a refusal to betray, as in his
case, was miraculous. He could only wonder at it and thank it dimly.
We have a betrayal state, he realized.
-Philip K Dick, Flow my tears, the policeman said

You want me? With all the friends you got?
Call em! Call 'em now!
Bad Timing

Two children found a bag containing twelve marbles. They argued over how to divide the toys and finally went to see the Mulla. When asked to settle their disagreement, the Mulla asked whether the children wanted him to divide the marbles as a human would or as Allah would.
The children replied, "We want it to be fair. Divide the marbles as Allah would."
So, the Mulla counted out the marbles and gave three to one child and nine to the other."
-Unintentionally revealing Sufi proverb

"I am not eating fruit. I am eating my money."
-from another Sufi proverb